The Right Car for Your Freight

This booklet is from my collection.

To Our Customers

"Big Boy" Box Car

Super-Cushion Box Car

DFB Insulated Box Car
Mechanical Refrigerator Car

All Door Box Car

Tri-Level Auto Car

"Silversides" Aluminum-Body
Gondola Car

"Big John" Covered Hopper Car

Other Aluminum Covered
Hopper Car

Special Covered
Hopper Car

"Big Dropper" Coal Car

"Quad-Pod" Bulk Car

Containerized Freight

LCL Containers

Piggyback - Southern Style

Wood-Chip Car

Covered Gondola Car

Hood Car

Gondola Car

Bulkhead Chain Tie-Down

Heavy-Duty Bulkheaded
Boat-Rack Car

Coiled-Rod Flatcar

Container-Carrying Cars

Auto Parts Box Cars

Designing the Right Car

New Cars on the
Drawing Boards