Southern Steam Excursion Trips
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Southern 630

The 630 is owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Railroad. It was built by American Locomotive Company (ALCO) for Southern Railway in 1904.

Southern 722


Built 1910 by American Locomotive Company (ALCO) for Key West extension of Florida East Coast Railway. Driving wheels: 69 inches. This Light Pacific was sold to the Savannah and Atlanta Railway in 1935 when a hurricane destroyed major bridges between the Keys. Operated during early days of Southern's steam excursion program. Last in service with New Georgia Railroad (excursions) during the 1980s. The 750 is owned by the Southeastern Railway Museum.

Southern 4501

The 4501 is owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Railroad. Currently the 4501 is not in service.

The above photos were posted to A.B.P.R. by Bryan Flint.
Southern # 4501 at Nicholson, MS, with an excursion to Hattiesburg, MS, November 17, 1984. 4501 had a bad load of coal and wasn't steaming well. Mr. Bistline was standing close by summoning help from a nearby freight.

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