Schnabel References


I have found book currently available with pictures of Schnabel cars.


"Classic Freignt Cars The Series Vol. 6 Loaded Flats and Gondolas" by Henry Maywald. Published by H & M Productions. ISBN 1-882608-06-2. Has pictures of GEX 40010, and WECX 200, and WECX 301.


I have found the following two sites with information and pictures on Schnabel cars

The Railway Industrial Clearance Association of North America!

Sam Berliner's Schnabel Railroad Car Page



I asked the NMRA's The A. C. Kalmbach Memorial Library to research for articles on schnabel car, and they came up with the following articles. Copies of all of these articles, are available from the library for a nominal fee.



NMRA Bulletin "Schnabel" Car WECX -102 (contains copy of the original blueprint), page 30


Trains, "How To Tote 600 Tons" Great article on schnabel cars, it also has pictures of WECX 102, WECX 200, WECX 201. Page 20


Model Railroader Model of the Month award WECX 102, page 80


Prototype Modeler Schnabel WECX 102, page 35


O Scale Railroading WECX 101, Page 14


NMRA Bulletin Shipping a High-Wide load The Schnabel Car CEBX 101, page 54


Trains 3 pictures of CEBX 800, page 15


RMC 48 Wide Bodies CEBX 800


RMC Kitbashing a "Schnabel Type" Car, page 70


Trains picture of ASEA Schnabel car, page 11


O Gauge Railroading Seen along the Rails CEBX 800, page 56


Car and locomotive Cyclopedia Schnabel cars (picture of CEBX 800. Also picture and drawing of Ontario Hydro 200), page 167