Modeling Schnabel Cars


Project 1 WECX 200

I have designed and am beginning construction a HO Scale of the WECX 200 Schnabel car. This is my first ever scratch built project.


First, HO scale working drawing of this car has been created, using Cadrail. The first part is of what I call the "truss" side (shown below). I am still working on the drawings of the top of the trusses and the connection between them. The load is connected between the two sides of the truss.


The original idea was to use massively modified Athearn heavy - duty flatcar (undec #1299) as the starting point for the end platforms. This has changed, and the end platforms will be scratch built. The Athearn heavy - duty flat cars did not work out. Working pictures, a parts list, and in process pictures, will be inserted here as construction of this car proceeds.


June 2000 update - The drawings are moving along at a good pace. After many attempts to cut out the sides, I have had them done for me with a laser cutter.


September 2002 update - Construction has begun. Work has been completed on the four sides of the "truss". Next the sides will be connected together. The first photo below show one side of the "truss" being made. I built a jig to make sure that the top and bottom parts aligned perfectly when glued together. The second photo shows both the left and right side "truss" sections.


When the design is completed a copy of the Cadrail files will be available for download here.


 Project 2 CEBX 800

I have just started to work on HO Scale drawings of this car. It will be 100% scratched built. There are no commercial models that can be used to jump start this project.

In planning for my future layout, I have created a mock up of this car. This mock up was used to see what radius the car will take. This mock up is missing two trucks, but these are included in the length of the load. If I remember correctly, the load is 89 scale feet long. This is the size of a steam generator and load platform. This mockup tracked on an inch radius curve, but the load need almost 30 scale feet in clearance on the inside of the curve.

Below is a picture of this mock up, with the Overland WECX 202 in the background. This car will be huge, it is the length a three foot section of flex track.

June 2000 update - This car was measured in May. It is currently stored on a siding in Duluth, MN. The drawings have begun based on these measurements.