Schnabel Modeler's Showcase





Duane Ricks HO WECX 102
Brian Franklin HO CEBX 800
Alberto Quijano HO Felbermayr 32 axle
Dick Gorman N GE & Westinghouse
Rich Middlekauf HO Westinghouse
William Tokaruk HO CEBX 800
Roger Hinz N Westinghouse
Andy Bartosh HO WECX 201
Ned Thomas HO Frank Hake Rigging
David Allen HO GE & Westinghouse

The following two models were built by Duane Ricks. The blue one was built about 10 yrs ago, and the gray one in the last couple of months.

Brian Franklin of Cape Town, South Africa built this HO scale model. It was shown to the public for the 1st time at an exhibition as part of our National Railroad Convention held here in Cape Town in early April 2004. Paint scheme is "Photographic Gray" as at the builder's works.

schnabelho1copy.jpg schnabelho2copy.jpg schnabelho3copy.jpg

The following photos are from Alberto Quijano. He lives in Spain. The photos show his modification of the Trix UAAI 839 DB wagon to represent the Felbermayr 32 axle wagon.

32ejes1copia.jpg 32ejes2copia.jpg 32ejes5copia.jpg
32ejes6copia.jpg 32ejes7copia.jpg felbermayr1copia.jpg
felbermayr2copia.jpg felbermayr4copia.jpg felbermayr5copia.jpg
felbermayr6copia.jpg felbermayr7copia.jpg

The following N Scale models were made by Dick Gorman

glx1000011cr.jpg newschn07cr.jpg newschn08cr.jpg
newschn10cr.jpg newschn11cr.jpg newschnab21cr.jpg
schn33s.jpg schnabelempty01cr.jpg

The following HO Scale models were made by Rich Middlekauf.

mvc019f.jpg mvc020f.jpg

The following photos were sent to me by William Tokaruk, MMR. "I recently completed my scratchbuilt model of CEBX 800 "schnabel" car in HO scale. I'm attaching some reasonably good photos of the model. A plan and text should be appearing in Railroad Model Craftsman in the near future, I hope."

This N scale model was built out of brass by Roger Hinz. It was his first attemp at modeling with brass.

Vince Skibo sent me the following photo's of his brothers work.

This model is by Ned Thomas. "This is a scratch built model of how the reactor vessel was transported to it's destination. And yes, it was going to Three Mile Island. I saw them transport the actual vessel just outside of it's final destination. It was quite impressive to see and that's what prompted the model builder. The Schnabel super structure was built for/by Frank Hake Rigging contractor from Phila, PA. This was added to two D&H heavy flats (close to the Atheran model) when the reactor was moved from a truck to the rail car in York, Pa for movement to Three Mile Island. This was about 5 years before Three Mile Island became so famous." The photo was taken by Ed Portzline.

David Allen sent me the following photo's of his work. Dave has a company Concept Systems which makes resin models of schnabel cars.