November December 1975 Ties

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During the 1974 Christmas season, Southern's "Best Friend of Charleston" took cpildren from the Oak Grove Orphanage in Charleston, S. C., on an excursion with Santa. This year about 200 deserving Charleston youngsters will attend a "Best Friend of Charleston" Christmas Party. They also will get a chance to see Santa and ride on the Best Friend. Southern-in cooperation with WCSC-TV-is sponsoring the event. In the cover photo, Santa is Claude Montgomery, road foreman of engines, Asheville, N. C.; the engineer, John Smith, control engineer, Atlanta; and standing beside the engine, Ray Mauney, general road foreman of engines, Atlanta. Miss Charleston is Debbie Lynch. The Best Friend is a replica of the engine that began steam service in this country on Christmas Day in 1830' The original engine operated on the South C arolina Canal and Rail Road Company, a Southern Raiway predecessor company.