March - April 1977 Ties

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Southern Scenes

The feature shows the Jacksonville, Fla., Bulk Terminal, pictured on the following two pages, was photographed by chief photographer Tom Emmons. The terminal handles trainloads of phosphate rock, superphosphate and other chemicals for export. These materials arrive at the terminal from Occidental Chemical's complex at Occidental, Fla. . The terminal, owned by Occidental, is served by the St.Johns River Terminal Company, a Southern subsidiary.


This issue of Ties marks the 30th anniversary of the magazine. The current cover features the cover of the first issue of Ties, March, 1947. The picture actually was taken in 1941. It shows the world's first diesel - electric road - freight locomotive crossing the Cumberland River near Burnside, Ky. This area now lies under the waters of the Wolf Creek Dam Reservoir.