January - February 1979 Ties

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Southern Scenes

The feature shows a mountain type engine No.1487 pulling No.11 up the Blue Ridge Mountains between Old Fort and Ridgecrest, N. C. Jarrett's Tunnel is in the background. This is the first time that TIES has used a painting (instead of a photograph) for its center spread.


ON THE COVER: A laser beam instrument is being used in grading operations at Southern's Linwood yard, near Lexington, N.C. Sensors mounted on blades of bulldozers and motor graders intercept the rotating beam. A yellow light in the control panel of graders tells the operator he's on target; a red light - too low; and green; - too high. Expected to be completed this summer at a cost of $48 million, this yard is part of Southern's 1979 captial expenditures budget.

And: Jobs Follow the Freight!