General Electric - Greenville, SC

Address 300 Garlington Rd.
Greenville, SC
Open/Closed Open
Manufactures Gas Turbines
Locomotive Alco S-6 (repowered) - photo Tom Daspit
Assigned freight cars GEGX 21154 & 21155
Rail service Carolina Piedmont

Feb. 2, 1994
Aerial Image 208K

July 1, 1983
Topo Map 135K

The GEGX 16 axle depressed cars that are used to deliver the largest turbines. The smaller turbines are shipped on 8 and 12 axle KRL, LNAL, and TTX flat cars. The following shots were taken in May of 2005 by Tom Daspit from the GE parking lot.

ge1greenvilletgd050604.jpg ge2greenvilletgd050604.jpg ge3greenvilletgd050604.jpg

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